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Advancing the Kingdom of God through Word, Witnessing, and Winning Souls


For in the gospel God's righteousness is being revealed from

faith to faith, as it is written, "The righteous will live by faith." 

Romans 1:17 Int'l Standard Version

We are a body of believers rooted in faith, grounded in love, covered by grace and mercy.  

Our name epitomizes our practical approach to believing what HE says and not what we see. Faith to Faith is belief pressing forward, and gaining the victory over unbelief.




  • To reach the lost and broken.

  • To serve and support our community and beyond with spiritual excellence.

  • To influence generations by demonstrating the faith standard.

  • To stimulate personal growth through spiritual development and empowerment.

  • To embrace the strength of ethnic diversity and teamwork.

  • To leave a legacy of faith, fellowship, and family. 

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Advancing the Kingdom of God through Word, Witnessing, and Winning Souls

Preach and teach the Word of God everywhere (using Technology and other means) with the Lord working through us and confirming His Word with signs following so that people know that He’s God to the saving of souls.

Foster a culture of prayer that results in transformation, revelation, resurrection, healing, and protection for this generation and beyond.

Conduct meaningful worship experiences engaging God through songs of adoration and declaration to the point of healing and deliverance of all people.

Serve our community with spiritual excellence and leave a legacy of faith (believing what God says and not what we see), fellowship between all people, and family.

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