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Bishop Harry W. Pendleton, Sr. - Presiding Prelate

Pastor Delinda Pendleton - First Lady

Pastor Jefferson Branch - Overseer

A United Church is a strong church. Our goal is to come alongside small churches and to help strengthen them as well as providing a forum for their gifts to be used.

United Churches Fellowship (UCF) continues to promote the individuality and independence of its member churches along with a call for unity under the UCF banner to support and encourage one another.

Fellowship was and is an important element of the United Churches Fellowship. We have a history of fellowshipping during the organization’s 10 years of history. Our initial experience was a 5th Sunday Fellowship. It is our opportunity to come together four or five times a year to worship as one church. Our fifth Sunday Fellowship experience is bolstered by our annual Holy Convocation that takes place during the last week of October into the first week of November. The date corresponds closely to the birth date of the organization. Convocation is a time of renewal, restoration, and revival as we prepare the saints to return to their home churches with tools that will make a difference in ministry.

UCF churches are encouraged to understand, embrace, and to promote worship, fellowship, discipleship, service (ministry), and evangelism individually and collectively.

Our Worship is always directed to the Lord and we are reminded that we were created for worship. Fellowship and Discipleship help to develop and shape us in preparation for Service (ministry) to the body of Christ and for Evangelism to unbelievers.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 reminds us that two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work.

“UCF, more than just great church, it's a place of fellowship, discipleship and growth.

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2023 Calendar Events


January 7th

April 1st

July 8th

October 7th



January 29th

April 30th

July 30th

October 29th



Sunday, April 2nd - Friday, April 7th



Wednesday, Nov. 1st - Sunday, Nov. 5th

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